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Stevia is not so sweet after all!

Stevia is being used in muesli bars, protein bars and energy bars everywhere.

It has been applauded as this fabulous 'natural' sweetener with no calories - the 'healthy' option. Unfortunately it's not so sweet after all and is closer to a chemical Frankenstein.

Check out this link below which exposes Stevia for what it really is when used as a food additive.

Fortunately at Savoury Tooth we have nothing to do with Stevia.

All our savoury protein bars have no artificial sweeteners and no added sugar. The only sugars in our bars are those found in the natural ingredients. In fact our bars are diabetic friendly!

Savoury Tooth savoury protein bars are made from whey protein concentrate, ancient super-grains, nuts, seeds and eastern spices. They come in 2 delicious mouth watering flavours - Thai Green Curry and Thai Peanut Satay.

Visit for more information or to order our savoury protein bars online.

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