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Because you're sweet enough...

The whole world is finally waking up to too much sugar.

These days it is in everything, and if it's not, then it's some sort of artificial or chemically enhanced 'natural' sweetener that makes things taste sweet.

That's why we conceived Savoury Tooth. A range of savoury protein bars that have very low sugars, complex carbs, high protein, high fibre and are gluten free.

They are crafted from whey protein concentrate, ancient super-grains, seeds, nuts and a mixture of eastern spices chosen for their natural efficacy in helping to control blood sugar levels.

Savoury Tooth savoury protein bars come in two delicious flavours - Thai Green Curry and Thai Peanut Satay. They pack a nice curry punch and leave you with a gentle mouth watering burn. Delicious!

They are the perfect in-between snack or meal replacement during and after any physical activity. The complex carbs provide your body with slow release energy. The high protein sustains and feeds your muscles through whatever exercise you are undertaking.

Great for cyclists, bush walkers or any form of physical activity!

And best of all they are not sweet!

Check out the link below for 10 disturbing reasons why sugar is bad for you. It's pretty convincing!

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