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Savoury Tooth to the rescue!

Controlling after-meal blood sugar levels is a tricky business for many people with diabetes. A new study indicates that eating whey protein prior to a meal improves the body’s insulin response and helps control glucose levels after the meal. Hallelujah!

The researchers found that, over the course of the entire 180-minute after-meal period, blood glucose levels were 28% lower in those who had received whey protein compared to those who had received placebo. Levels of insulin and c-peptide (a by-product of insulin creation) were higher by 105% and 43%, respectively, in the whey-protein group.

The insulin response within the first 30 minutes after breakfast was also 96% higher in people who had consumed whey protein — an important finding, since loss of the early insulin response is a significant contributor to after-meal glucose spikes. Levels of GLP-1 were additionally 141% higher in people who had consumed whey protein.

In summary, consumption of whey protein shortly before a high-glycemic-index breakfast increased the early and late post-meal insulin secretin, improved GLP-1 responses, and reduced post-meal blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetic patients.

We knew we were onto a good thing with our Savoury Tooth savory protein bars!

Crafted from Whey Protein Concentrate, ancient super-grains, seeds, nuts and a mixture of eastern spices - chosen for their natural efficacy in helping to lower blood sugar levels. They are high in whey protein, high in fibre with only complex carbs and low in sugar.

Savoury Tooth savory bars come in two delicious flavours - Thai Green Curry and Thai Peanut Satay. They pack a nice curry punch and leave your mouth with a gentle mouth watering burn. Delicious!

Check out this link below for more information.

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