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Savoury Tooth savoury protein bars


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Savoury Tooth Thai Peanut Satay savory bar
Savoury Tooth Thai Green Curry savory bar
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We are all about savoury!

Simon is the principal of Savoury Tooth and he is a diabetic.


Our range of savoury products have been crafted by Simon using ingredients chosen for their natural efficacy in helping to control blood sugar levels in the fight against diabetes.

All our products are sugar free and Diabetic Friendly. Designed by a diabetic for diabetics - and anyone else who thinks they are sweet enough!

Savoury Tooth Savoury Protein Bars are made with whey protein concentrate, ancient super-grains, seeds, nuts and a mixture of eastern spices. They have no added sugar, with only complex carbs, high protein, high fibre and are gluten free.

Savoury Tooth savoury protein bars come in two delicious flavours - Thai Green Curry and Thai Peanut Satay. They pack a nice curry punch and leave you with a gentle mouth watering burn. Delicious!

Savoury Tooth Masala Latte Blends are made with only natural organic spices. They are gluten free, organic, vegan and diabetic friendly.

Available in four heart warming varieties - Masala Latte, Turmeric Masala Latte, Pumpkin Masala Latte and Matcha Masala Latte.


They are anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti- inflammatory and immune boosting. Guaranteed to pick you up and help metabolize your blood sugar levels.

Savoury Tooth Diabetic Friendly savoury protein bars

There's nothing sweet about us!



Savoury Tooth savoury protein bars are great after any workout. They contain whey protein concentrate which is the most complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids needed to build muscle and recover quickly.


They are the perfect in-between snack or meal replacement during and after any physical activity. The complex carbs provide your body with slow release energy. The high protein sustains and feeds your muscles through whatever exercise you are undertaking.
Great for cyclists, bush walkers or any form of physical activity! And best of all they are not sweet!



Savoury Tooth Masala Latte's are the perfect winter warmer when consumed hot or refreshingly cooling when cold and are a great alternative to coffee or tea.

They are delicious with coconut milk, almond milk or everyday cows milk. And if you are into baking they are a wonderful spice addition for cakes, muffins, breads, casseroles, baked vegetables, roasts, desserts and smoothies.


They are crafted from natural organic spices all known for their efficacious nature in helping to control blood sugar levels.

The anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, immune boosting and diabetic friendly properties make them the healthiest, tastiest latte's around.


They are the spice of life!

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